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I am pleased to announce the new MULTIMODE  inteface is now ready for delivery

The MULTIMODE interface is built in the same aluminium extruded boxes as

my others Measuring 105mm wide 125mm deep 32 mm high.

Blue silkscreend panels.

It has both RX and TX front panel drive controls.

A push switch to allow both PTT and RX Audio to be switched between the 6 Pin mini Dinand the 4 Pin Mini Din sockets.

A CW key input along  with FSK- RTTY  RX  TX  indicator Led's.

The rear panel has a 6 Pin mini din socket for DATA I/O and a  4 pin mini din for connection to

the FT-2000 RTTY I/O or indeed other tranceivers requiring that function.

Or indeed any other transceiver requiring that function.

FSK drive data is always available on the 4 Pin regardless of the position of the push switch.

A CW to rig jack socket output. Connection to a 9 Pin Com's port and Stereo Jacks to the sound board.

This will also work from a USB to RS232 Adaptor cable should only USB ports be available.

I can also supply this should it be required.

As well as the FSK drive coming out of the 4 Pin mini din it can also be switched to the

main 6 pin mini din by an on board slider.

As a number of tranceivers Kenwood/ Icoms  have the FSK signal carried to there rigs via the 13 pin ACC connector.

IC-706 IC-7000 IC-756 Pro So the  MULTIMODE will  be easily configured for most transceivers.

Justs ask about yours if you need information.

An 8 page booklet containing setting up instructions is supplied as well as a CD containing some typical DATA programs

It is of course FULLY ISOLATED like ALL my other interfaces.

As there are a number of cable options required for the different transceivers I have listed them separately

Also in the instruction booklet is the information to construct your own leads if required.


Main interface complete with All needed cables for computer connection.

9 Pin RS232 connector and 2 times 3.5 mm Jack plugs for Soundboard connection.

Also the 6 Pin Mini Din DATA to transceiver cable.

Terminated as to suit requested transceiver requirements.

Along with the CW cable from interface to rig are both supplied within the above price.

Isoterm Multimode interface wired to suit requested transceiver  £88.00.

Post Costs.

Within UK First Class Royal Mail, Insured £7.00 = Total Price £95.00

Within Europe First Class Royal Mail, Insured £9.50 = Total Price £97.50

Rest of the World First Class Royal mail, Signed for, Insured £12.50 = Total Price £100.50

The 4 Pin mini din to 4 pin standard din cable required for some Yaesu equipment isIs £9 as an extra cable.

FSK 4 Pin mini din cable to usual Phono FSK rig inputs is Cost  £6.00 as an extra cable.

Postal options