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The information given here is based on having first loaded DIGIPAN and PSK31 selected in MODES.

That the receiver is on 14.070 KHz and that PSK31 signals are audible.

1 The Interface is not receiving.

Make sure the MARKED 3.5 mm stereo plug is fitted into the LINE IN of the soundboard.

Also that the interface to rig cable is inserted in the correct input on your rig.

Go to Configure in the Digipan program.

Select Waterfall Drive.

There should be 4 or 5 slider controls now visible.

Look for the Line IN control.

See that the Select Box is ticked and that the slider is circa 1/3 up from the bottom.

If the Box is not ticked. Go to Options at top left of slider picture.

Then Properties.

Make sure the Line IN box there is ticked if not Tick it.

Then say OK.

You should now be receiving.

2 The interface will not put the rig into Transmit.

The PTT is controlled by the 9 Pin Female D connector fitted to the interface cable.

This should be inserted in to one of the available 9 pin COMs ports.

Again go to Configure in Digipan.

Select Serial Port, you will get Coms information.

Select COM1 to start with, Select RTS.

Then say OK.

Now try Clicking on the TX flag at the bottom of the Digipan Screen.

If it still does not switch the rig into TX.

Go back to Configure. / Serial Port.

Select Com 2. Then ok.

And try the TX flag at the bottom of the Digipan screen again.

Usually it is Com 1. But if you have multiple Coms ports try them all in sequence.

Until it's working satisfactory and rig switches into TX.

3 The interface will not put power to the rig.

Meaning no Power showing in PA output.

Back to Configure in Digipan.

Select Transmitter Drive.

The sliders Volume and wave should not be Muted.

And both should be Circa 1/3 up from the bottom.

The rigs mike Gain should be in a position where normal SSB is used.

Any Rf/Power control on the rig should be turned to max

and the Attenuator on the interface set at circa 1/3 Clockwise.

Once Power is noted in the output it should be set at around 30/40 watts max.