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This DATA TRAVELLER rs232 Interface is an update on the previous MK2 Model.

Its nice and compact and well suited for  portable/holiday use.

NEW silk screened panels are now standard.

It allows the usual Data modes.

PSK...RTTY...WSJT...SSTV...WSPR and many more.

One RED TX and One GREEN RX front panel mounted  Leds show PTT switching activity.

The interchangeable cable allows the interface to be used with any transceiver.

The cable is terminated in a 6 Pin Mini Din plug to fit the interface

and whatever Plug is required to suit the rig it is being purchased to for.

Only needing a change of cable to be plugged in, to suit a new transceivers connections.

There are both Rx waterfall and  Tx attenuator controls front panel mounted for operator convenience.

All paths between the COMPUTER and TRANSCEIVER are isolated with



The Dil Relay for PTT control allows ALL rigs to have the PTT controlled from the software.

So no matter what rigs you intend to use, this unit will take care of the PTT switching.

On the computer side 2 – 3.5mm stereo jack plugs and a 9 Pin D connector are terminated .

This can of course be driven from the usual RS232 to USB adaptor cable.

I can supply various versions if required.

Extruded aluminum box , 80mm Deep – 55 mm wide – 24mm High.

These two jacks are plugged into the Soundboard's LINE IN/ LINE OUT jack sockets.

Or if a laptop is to be used , its Mike and Headphone Jack Sockets.

With the 9 Pin D being connected to the Com's port of your computer, for PTT SWITCHING .

The RTS line for PTT  switching is connected in the 9 Pin D connector.

Both RX and  TX attenuators  are accessible.

This along with the PC Soundboard Audio controls helps prevent overdriving of the Rig.

And less travelling back and forwards to the Soundboard Sliders.

ALL ISOTERM interfaces are also suitable for SSTV-RTTY-PSK-31-WSJT and most other

Soundboard based data modes


KH6TY DIGIPAN software for PSK MODEs is supplied.

Along with CWGET and CWTYPE and MMTTY.

Information is also given on other web sites for additional PSK31- SSTV-RTTY  info/software.

Full setting up instructions are of course supplied.

Extra sheets of instructions are enclosed to help further.


Price of the DATA TRAVELLER INTERFACE  FULLY wired is £54.50.

This includes 1 Transceiver connecting cable standard length circa 1 Mtr.

And ALL computer leads as required.


Within UK First Class Royal Mail £5.00= Total Price £59.50

Within Europe First Class Royal Mail £6.50 = Total Price £61.00

Rest of the World First Class Royal mail, Signed for £10.00  = Total Price £64.50

Additional transceiver cables can be supplied at £12 if ordered with the interface.

Or £12.00 plus p/p £1.50. if ordered at a later date..

Most transceivers can be accommodated.

FULLY WIRED means ALL plugs to suit both Computer and 1 Transceiver.

I am prepared to tailor the cables to suit individual customers should this be an advantage

if shorter cable would make a laptop installation more compact.

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