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MiniCom Data Interface

This is a new addition to the DATA INTERFACE family by G3LIV.

It should fit in well for portable use along side the TRAVELLER interface.

Like ALL interfaces from G3LIV it is a fully isolated USB DATA Interface in a METAL ENCLOSURE.

And every supplied lead is screened.

PLEASE NOTE I am using a standard 4 pin USB connector for the Interface to Rig lead.

This in a nice low profile connector ideal for the purpose ( It is not a USB port )

 It is designed for all the usual DATA modes.

PSK31..PSK64..PSK128 + all the usual RTTY..WSBP..WSJT modes,

Including the later FT8 mode.

AIRLINK EXPRESS is free to down load and a great bit of software for the

newcomers entry into DATA modes.

Full Isolation via 600 ohm communications Transformers.

Both the RECEIVE and TRANSMIT Levels can be controlled from the front panel.

The soundboard LINE IN / LINE OUT leads are plug in.

As is the RIG to INTERFACE lead.

All the required cables are Screened and supplied there are no extra leads required.

Interface to Computer Line in / Line out.

Computer USB to Interface USB.

The Interface to the Data port of the Transceiver.

( This needs to be specified at the time of ordering.)

This unit is small and ideal for Portable or Static use in the shack.

The Enclosure is a high quality alloy unit which gives it superior screening

over the popular plastic box units available.

Reviews of my Interfaces can be seen at

This is a new unit so only a small number have been constructed unit market

interest is tested.

Prices & Availability please email me at

Payment can be made via PAYPAL.