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Universal Cabletidy

This is an additional PC Board and cable to greatly simplify and tidy up the cable connections  to many types of paddles.

The key shown is a Vibroplex Iambic which is 42mm spacing , however others with different connection spacings can be used.

The UNIVERSAL CABLETIDY has a range of 40 mm to 60 mm spaced around a centre ground connection.


It can be fitted to many more manufacturers keys. Including JA7GHD paddles.

The cable is 1 metre long and terminated in a standard metal 6.4 mm stereo plug as found on most rigs.

A 3.5 mm stereo plug cable can be supplied if requested.

The boards are double sided plated through and GOLD PLATED.

They  have a 4 pin Mini Din socket fitted.

BLACK  in colour it will match most keys very well.

The Rig cable is screened and flexible.

The keys are shown for demonstration ONLY and are NOT included in the price .

The KEYS are NOT INCLUDED in the price shown.

You are purchasing the PC Board and its Key to Rig cable.

Prices & Availability please email me at

Payment can be made via PAYPAL.