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This is a series of 3 PC Boards and cables to  greatly simplify and tidy up the cable connections of the shown

VIBROPLEX Paddles and Bug keys

The cables are 1 metre long and are terminated in a standard metal 6.4 mm stereo plug as found on most rigs.

A 3.5 mm stereo plug cable can be supplied if REQUESTED.

The boards are double sided plated through and Silver plated.

The Cabletidy for the Vibroplex paddle is RED or BLACK.

The Cabletidy for the Original Bug is BLACK only.

The Cabletidy for the J-36 is RED only

The Rig cables are screened and flexible.

The keys are shown for demonstration ONLY and are NOT included in the price .

KEYS are NOT INCLUDED in the price shown.

You are purchasing the PC Board of choice and its Key to Rig cable.

Please add a note as to the model required and Jack plug size within the PAYPAL comments box

All models are £16.00 plus post costs.

Postal options